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Need Help with Test/Tren Cycle

Hi, i want to start a tren cycle (12 weeks). Here’s what i was thinking at:

-Week 1-10: - 500 mg test e (2 injections a week of 250mg each)
- 300 mg tren ace (3 injections of 100 mg each)
- 0.25 mg arimidex (anastrazol) each 2 days
- 50 mg proviron each day
- 0.5 mg Cabergoline a week

Week 10-12: - 500 mg test e (same as weeks 1-10)
- 500 ui hcg (1 injection of 500 or 2 of 250 a week, i still don’t know)
- 25 mg proviron each day

PCT: Exactly 14 days after the last injection and it will last 45 days:

-a testosterone booster ( feel free to recommend something)
Days 1-10: -150 mg of clomid
- 40 mg of nolvadex
Days 11-25: - 75 mg clomid
- 40 mg nolvadex
Days 25-45: -50 mg clomid
- 20 nolvadex

These are the things i need to know:
-do i have enough protection to prevent gyno and other estrogenic effects?
-how would you recommend me to take the hcg (during and after cycle)
-is the pct good enough?
-which test booster would you recommend or what should i be looking for in one? (i was thinking at a supplement called “PCT Power”)

Why all the adex? 3.5 mgs a week lol that’s gonna be disastrous.

Where is the protection for possible prolactin issues with the tren?

Maybe do a little more research bro

This whole thing needs to be mothballed and you need to start over. Too complicated, not effective, and not scientific.

  1. Timetable is wrong in regards to when you’re starting. Seven days after last pin is too early for test e. You’re starting pct while still effectively on cycle. That’s not how it works.
  2. Hcg during pct is by definition not pct. You do not run suppressive drugs while trying to restart your system. You’re trying to start a fire with wet matches.
  3. 200mg of Clomid is an unremittingly stupid idea. There is no reason why you need that much unless you’re actually trying to go blind.
  4. There is no reason to buy a “test booster” unless you have unlimited money in which to waste. If that’s the case then start donating to a local food bank instead. It’ll do more good on a macro level and it’ll keep the snake oil salesmen from getting a dime of your hard earned money.

Changed some things. What do you think now? I never took hcg or so much clomid in my previous 2 cycles but i don’t know kow to handle tren.

It’s better, but you genuinely do not need Clomid. Nolva is more effective with fewer side effects. And as far as setting up pct for a tren cycle, well, it’s the same as anything else. Running Nolva should be absolutely fine on its own. Now tren during a cycle is a different animal. That one I can’t help you with.

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Much better. As iron said nolva only pct is fine.

Heres an idea drop the test to 250 keep the tren at 300 or maybe even 400 this should allow you to Ditch the adex and in theory keep sides minimal. Tren is 5x more androgenic and anabolic than test. Whats the point of running the test any higher than needed to maintain normal/high levels? All your accomplishing is adding possible sides from estrogen conversion. Also maybe consider raising the proviron to 50mg/day

Dont waste your money on test boosters that’s 50$ you can put towards your next cycle

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Hi, i made some changes right before you posted your comment. Is everything alright now?

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My comment still stands. Ditch the clomid, lower the test, up the proviron.