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Need help with T2 advise

Ok folks I need some advise. My friend has been diagnosed with Hypo-thryoidism and she is currently taking prescription Levothryoid (form of Synthryoid or T4). I have noticed that
most diet supplements always have the warning that people dealing with Thyroid problems should not take them. Since both of these products have thyroid stimulating ingredients (i.e l-tyrosine and T2), I am wondering if anyone can tell me if taking T2 would be medically safe and effective considering she would be taking them with prescription T4? She’ll be going to her doctor soon for her regular consultation and she will be asking him about T2. I just want her to go in there with some sound advice from you fine T-folk.

Jorge P.

She could take the l-tyrosine…as much as she wants. It is not a drug but a natural amino acid. It would probably be best to leave the t-2 alone. If she asks her dr. about it chances are he won’t know what it is and if he does he will most definitely respond in a negative manner. You didn’t say what her goals are but if she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and continues to be a simpler remedy would be to add some t3 (cytomel) along with the t4. Have her ask the doc about this.

sorry to hear about your girl, hope all works out for you and her.I’d stick with whatever the doc says, if you want second opinions get them but stick with what the docs say.