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Need Help with Syringe

I was told to get a 23 gauge to draw out the testosterone because it’s thick and then have a 27 gauge to inject it. My Pharmacist looked at me cross eyed and I left with nothing because I didn’t know what to say. Is it really necessary for me to buy two different gauges? Seems like a lot of work and even the pharmacist was confused. This is supposed to be subq by the way. I’m doing .250 2x a week. Any recommendations is much appreciated.

Some people use two syringes to save time on drawing the test. I just use one 27g. It takes a little more time it’s much easier for me.

One syringe, two needles. Some use locking needle or leuer needle.

I’ve found that if I use the same needle to draw and inject, the needle becomes dull from going through the rubber seal on the vial. It becomes too dull to pierce my skin.

So you just take more time to get it out? Where and what brand of syringe do you get?

This is what I use. Yes, takes longer to draw but that’s it. Takes me about a minute and a half to draw 0.35cc.

Would be hard to teach myself to do IM instead of SUBQ? I am beginning to think that will be the easier route from using one needle and from research on here, it sounds like IM is the most effective.

I wouldn’t make that assumption. There are some on here that prefer IM but there’s no evidence on here even remotely indicating it’s more effective. I would say it’s individual specific.

Yep it just takes a little longer. I do IM in the thigh/butt. I tried SC but I didn’t feel as well so I switched back and I feel better. It maybe all in my head but I like IM better.

I just echo the previous replies. One insulin syringe to draw up and inject. I use a 28G but some prefer a 25G because it’s faster. I’m in no hurry. Simply insert the needle and inject the same volume of air that you are withdrawing. Invert the bottle and inserted syringe. Pull the plunger all the way back and let it drip in. Pull out about 0.05mL more than you need and then push the excess back while manipulating the air bubbles back into the vial. I can pull out 0.25mL in about a minute with this method…

Do you to SubQ with a 28G?

Here are my instructions:
SYRINGE 1 mL 27 x 1/2". Also make sure they give you a separate needle, disp, 23 gauge 23 gauge x 1" Ndle to draw up your medication.

Instructions are Inject 0.25 cc of testosterone subcutaneously twice weekly.

WIll this work? I found this EasyTouch® U-100 27g, 0.5cc / mL, 1/2"

I’ve done both single needle and double.

Single needle pros:
Saves money
Saves wasted testosterone

Single needle Cons:
Can be harder to pierce skin, but not a big difference

Drawing needle pros:
Sharper needle - possibly less pain

Drawing needle cons:
More waste
More money

Overall, the injection time is about the same. Time lost drawing with a higher gauge needle is about the same as opening multiple packages, changing needles, and disposing of the garbage.


Anyone help with this? Like to know if this will be easy to measure with?

Your quote is broken. But I am guessing you’re asking about the syringes you linked?

My advice on syringe volume is to get one that your dose fills the syringe 1/4 to 1/2 full. Less than that it can be hard to dose, especially when using over a 1mL syringe. More than half full then the plunger has to be drawn back annoyingly far and makes the injection harder.

No, I inject into my upper quadriceps muscle. See the diagram below.

I used to do that, now I do the same but replace the draw needle with another clean 23G and pin with 23g :laughing:

Just so I don’t have to keep asking for different types of needles everytime and look awkward lmao.

Yes, thank you! That’s why I linked what I did because I need .25 and this looks like it will be the easiest to measure (the ones I linked) based on what you’re saying, these are exactly that?

Yes. You could go with the ones you linked or 1mL syringe depending on the concentration of the prescription. Whichever gets you to the 1/4 to 1/2 full.

Edit: If you saw this post before I edited it, please disregard as some of the info was incorrect :flushed: