Need help with sus cycle

I am 188 lbs with 15 percent bodyfat and have been lifting for about 3 years now.Well,i have 10 amps of sustanon 250 and would like to know the most wise way to take it.I plan to take 500mg per week but should i cycle like t-mag says:3on,1off,2on,3off OR should i just take 500mgs for 5 weeks straight.Please any suggestions,i do not want to waste my money,again!!!

If Sustanon is the only anabolic available, short cycles are not so optimal because
Sustanon doesn’t allow the quick transition
between the dose being high enough to give rapid gains, and then low enough to allow recovery to get well underway. You spend quite
a bit of time (relative to the length of a short cycle) in the worse-than-worthless intermediate state of neither having enough androgen to make gains, yet still enough
to continue your inhibition and prevent

Sustanon can work as a component of a short
cycle, 750 mg on day 1 of a 2 week cycle, but other shorter-acting anabolics would be needed to fill out week 2, as the Sustanon left over from day 1 will not be enough for fast gains
in week 2.

So if Sustanon is the only anabolic available,
do a straight cycle.