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Need Help with Supression

Whats up guys im having some problems with low test levels. Im 28 n bloodwork came back at 69. I know its bc of my prior cycle. Which was 12 weeks of 100mg test e e/w
300mg primo ew
200mg mast e wks 4-12
Winny 50mg ed
Var 50 mg ed

I know i shldnt of take winny as long and mast but got blinded by my results.

Pct was hcg 500 ius e3d

Nolvadex was taken at 40 mg pretty much throughout whic also i believe was stupid and a problem

My dr presribe me test at 200mg ew
Nolv 20 mg ed

My prob is my sex drive is about zero n i feel like my genitals are always tight to my body. I feel like the test will hurt me further. Idk wat to do espically bc i would like to take another cycle in may.

Any suggestions on the best way to go about this. Shld i just be takin hcg n clomid now tryin to work on getti bck to normal or is it ok to continue the test fpr afew months or will that further surpress me?