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Need Help with Summer Cycle

hey guys hope all of u are doing well.

Really i need your advices and i will highly appreciate your replys .

Well … im planing to take my summer cycle i know its too late but i want
it … so thats why i wanna take :






My questions :

Do equipoise makes watter retention?

What kind of test should i use ? Testa cip or enath ? Or the testaviron
will achieve the goal !!!

In my country the equipoise is not available… but i can get the boldenon
…do you think the boldenon will make the same results?

Finaly give me your opinion abt my 7 weeks cycle injections plan :

From 1 to 7 weeks :

Mond : trenbo and susta .
Tuesd : suspension.
Wed : nothing .
Thursd : equip and testaviron.
Friday : suspension .

Age : 29 yrs
Length: 179 cm .
Weight : 65 kg .
Experience: 8 years .
Cycle duration: 7 weeks .

Your support will means alot for me thank u .


Equipoise is Boldenone Undecylenate… Is this your first cycle? Do you have any idea of the amounts of what you want to take? do you know how the half life works on gear? Just looking at your cycle layout, I don’t think it looks good at all. You need to do some serious research on the half life of the different things you want to take and then decide when you are going to pin. For example: You have an undisclosed amount of Tren being pinned on Monday. From my experience, and I am sure others will agree, You want to split your dosages and pin twice a week. This keeps your blood level steady. If you are pinning once a week with Enanthate, you will be near or at the end of the half life when you pin again. If this is your first cycle, you might want to just run test to see how your body reacts to it.

You are 143 lbs at 5’8" and some change… You don’t need all of that gear to see some progress.

Your cycle is 7 weeks long… If that’s the case you might want to go with the shorter stuff instead of LE gear.

I know you are new to this… You need to give more info like diet, goals, training split, weight moved, and basically any extra stuff you want to add. this will save you a lot of insults… Since you are new, I figured I’d warn you… Don’t be the guy who comes on here looking for a plan and all kinds of help if you aren’t putting in the effort on your own.


Hey bro … hope u r doing well …

First of all i really appreciate your reply and your support. Actually this is my third cycle i was inject bfr testa susta and deca but i had a water retention and thats bkz of deca … thats y i decide to take equipoise to avoid the water retention… and they suggest to me to take suspension kz it gives me lean tissue with up size plus trenbolone bkz its one of the potent steroids and makes good results.

I plan to take it once per week bkz of its side effects … blood pressure and quick heart pulsing .

But you are right . Its a half time strds thats why i have to inject twice per week …and i can tell you that i put alot of effort on my training and my diet to achieve a best results … anyways i will highly appreciate your advised plan with the weeks number and i will take your notes in a serious way.

Thanks again waiting ur reply .


You realize that most sides come from unstable blood levels of the drug?

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Hey norse …

Nope … but its a big factor .

I think you should go look up athleanx on YouTube. And stay natty

Norse speaks the truth. The goal should be to get levels elevated with your drug of choice, and keep them as steady and consistent as possible throughout the cycle. You are pinning tren once a week so your body is probably going to get intense sides with your blood levels going up and down. I try to keep things as consistent as possible. Pinning days don’t change and I even try to pin around the same time on those days. If orals are in the cycle, they are taken at the same times daily. dosages are split according to the half life.

I get sides from tren. BUT after a couple of weeks, they are less intense and consistent. I don’t get rushes of sides because things stay even and elevated.

Everyone has their own way of doing things. I prefer not getting to the last day or so of something like Tren before I pin again… I am assuming you are pinning Tren E. Enanthate is a slow ester so It doesn’t just hit the system in full effect right away… So in theory, You could be without Tren in your system for a day or two each week and then the bloods elevate again. The tren peaks and the levels begin drop again… Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

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Dude . … so u advise me to avoid inject teenbolon ???

Otherwise what is the replacement?

What about the rest of steroids u didn’t speak about them … plz i need a clear plan for 7 weeks . Can u ?

This is your “third cycle” and you are asking basic beginner stuff. I think you need to do some research on your own. And I am sure that you will claim that you have done research… But your knowledge and questioning prove otherwise… Just go natty and stay there until you are more educated on AAS.