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Need Help with Student Nutrition


Alright i have breakfast

but i have a scheduling problem, i have 8 classes,
1-Rotc i can eat in there
2-Anatomy and physiology/cant eat in there
3-auto tech/i can eat in there
4-psych/ i dont know if i can or not
7-eng 4

what times should i consume food, and what not.
after school i have it pretty much covered as long as i can get the school time nutrition down.

Thanks for the help!


Ideally you want to eat every 3 hours after you get up... until you sleep... and have 6 - 8 meals a day depending on your goals... so if you get up @ a certain hour... make it 1/2 hour earlier... so you can eat breakfast... that's one meal done... Not sure what Rotc is... but eat your 2nd meal there... it'd be cool if you can eat in psych... if not... you'll have to wait.. OR just have a shake/bar ready to pound in between classes...

Lunch.. eat there...


Have a post workout shake...

Go to English

Then you have weights again?? Are you going to train 2x a day?

After that... you should be good to go...

That's 5 meals there... have one before bed, and you're set...


Yea im hitting weights 2 a day, and was wondering if i should have a full PWO Shake the got and lift again, or like somthing small then hit it again.


you could just make your meals larger so that you don't need to eat as often.


Check this out....


Yea i did that, already nothin interesting really came up


I think I've heard about that thing! It's supposed to steal your soul if you ever use it, be careful!


Haha, thats good.


So BCAA's, Lots of water a insulingenic type drink with creatine, small amount of whey, super sweet. thanks.


Why can't you eat in between lessons?

Also surely you must be able to drink? Just make a shake with some protein powder, blitzed oats, some peanut oil/butter and a banana a la mass builder shake...

...you have heard of the Meal Replacement thingyies yah?


i really didnt like them too much and aint got that kinda cash.


Ever heard of squats and milk?

Take a carton of milk to glass, if a teacher asks just say you need to keep your sugar levels up.


How do explain me getting ahold of milk in 7th pd.


Go to the cafeteria? Or buy some? Milk isn't very hard to come by (in most places).


What, no cows down in Florida?


I remember back when I was in college I carried cans of tuna with me in my back pack. Now it's easier because they come in pouches. Sounds crazy but I'd leave class to scoff it down.


Yall must have some cool schools, the cafeteria i got isnt open then.


I got a special cool bag to put my food in for while I'm at uni. It has an inside layer you leave in the freezer over night. It works a charm even in the Sydney heat.


isn't open when? just bring a bottle in and take out some milk if you can.


Hey guys today was my first day back in full swing, i did
front squats 3x8, 1x3
shoulder press 3x8
front raises 2x10
deadlift 5x5, v-stance 3x8
and finally posterior delt raises 3x8

7th i had some protein bcaa creatine, lots of water, felt great for 8th, but wasnt allowed to lift, coach is a douche.

Any way my 7 day split is like this:

Monday-Chest(thickness), Back(Moderate), Forearms
Tuesday-Legs, Shoulders(light, anterior, posterior), Biceps, and Triceps
Wednesday-Chest(width), Back(light), Forearms
Thursday-Shoulders(heavy, medial, posterior) Triceps
Friday-Chest(Clavicle portion), Back(Heavy), Legs(mobility and power), Forearms
Saturday-Shoulders(light), Biceps
Sunday-active recovery 15 minutes or so, i also will kick calories up by 15%(huge jump i know but it will help alot).
and hopefully a back rub too :wink:

P.S. Heavy Front squats are awesome for quads.

Thanks Dave