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Need Help with Stretching


Hello T Nation folks
I am “computer guy” and need to sit long hours on chair for work.
Due to this my body has grown very weak. I have started jogging daily from some days. But my problem is that my body is very inflexible I cannot even sit straight on floor with legs extended, either my back gets curled or knees. I want to correct this and bring flexibility back to my body. Can anyone please some exercise or stretches which can reverse this effect.
Thank you


Hey Computer guy,

I too often spend my days at a desk. What I try and do is keep moving as much as possible. I walk most mornings and also every hour or so go for a walk around my office building for five minutes. I also will from time to time stretch in the office, toe touches and stretch my arms, that kind of thing. Make sure you do dynamic stretches though and don’t hold it, just keep moving in the stretch and bounce, don’t do static stretches as you are not warm. Keep these stretches for after your workout. Which is my next point, ALWAYS stretch after your session, I would recommend going on YouTube and following a routine specifically for your goals, e.g mine would be hamstring mobility for my deadlift.

Hope this helps.


There are quite a few articles on the main site about desk people.

Look up a few.