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Need Help with Squat Width/Stance


Hey guys this is my first post and I really need some opinions on the width of my stance. I watch Jim Wendler a lot and notice he and most raw lifters use a medium stance, but for some reason when the weight gets heavy I always go out wider...I also have relatively long legs which might make narrow stance harder. I feel like I'm just too wide when I watch myself. Anyways, some ideas would be appreciated


However you can move the most weight. Set up narrower and compare what works best. You don't look incredibly wide in that vid.


Yea I don't think that stance looks too wide either. Whatever you feel stronger at stick with it. If your worried about hip health then just work in a closer stance for most of your training and go back wide for competition or heavier phases.


Second what everyone is saying, all though your spotter and camera position obstruct the view a tad. As long as it's not tearing your hips up and your knees are tracking correctly and not buckling in I say go with it. Just play around with different set ups and different weights and find what works best. I usually work from a medium stance to roughly what you've shown in the video as the weights go up.


hey guys thanks a lot maybe im just over thinking it as i tend to do often. i might play with the stance on my lighter sets next week but for the most part i dont think ill change anything.


Usually people that are taller with longer legs end up taking a wider stance. Do what feels the most comfortable and efficient for you.


Hard to tell but it doesn't look like you're making depth. Granted the closer you get to your max the more the weight will push you down(and hopefully to depth) but the wider the stance the harder it's going to be to make depth. You probably like most people(myself included) lack some mobility making you feel unstable in a narrower stance when in flat shoes. Easiest fix is to get oly shoes bring your stance in, and work on hip and calf mobility.


I'll second that it doesn't look like you are quite getting all the depth you should. My rule of thumb on stance width is to use whatever width gives you: good range of motion without form breaks, the most weight, and the least pain. Trade those around and find what is best. Personally I squat fairly wide and have long legs as well, but I have to really work on my hip mobility and glute strength to do it.


very helpful guys thank you. coincidentally i ordered a pair of olympic shoes tonight so maybe those will help.