NEED HELP with Squat Form

These are two videos of my squat form…
My key concerns are : 1. I feel like my knees are buckling? Maybe not buckling they’re not completely static when I do a heavier weight…

  1. Is my back arched in the optimal form?

  2. Is my hip drive / depth okay.

Thanks a bunch.

Hip drive won’t become a problem until you get up around your max. Depth is good, tiny bit of ‘wink’ at the bottom but nothing to worry about.

Ditch the squishy shoes. Get some cheap canvas flat-soled shoes like Chuck Taylors. Put some 10lb plates under your heels if you need to. If you can afford to, grab some weightlifting shoes (for the elevated heel).

But your biggest problem is that your upper back is too relaxed. Grab the bar with as narrow of a grip as you can while still being able to get it in the groove, and keep your back tensed and your elbows down.

I thought the first video was of your squats… “Oh God. What is he doing?”

Shoes are important. Get some Chucks or go barefoot if you’re going to be low-bar squatting.

In that vein, it seems like you’re carrying the bar really high for a low bar, and as a result your back is really loose (as JayPierce noted).

Strong start, though. Keep it up.

In addition to what JayPierce said, we can’t tell if your knees are buckling from this angle…but if they are, you may want to consider pointing your toes out more, working hammies more, and not going quite so deep.

Having said that, your form ain’t bad right now, though it’s hard to really know when you’re not using heavy weight (heavy for you). That’s when you see a person’s weaknesses.

Depth looks good, so many people do half squats with a loaded up bar instead of using lower weight and going all the way to parallel or beyond. To fix the knee problem focus on pointing you toes out a bit more and try to press all the weight to the sides of your feet especially when coming out of the hole. Wearing a pair of chucks will make this easier to do like some of the guys have said.

All together the form looks good! Keep up the good work doing full squats and it will pay off!