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Need Help with Side Effects

I have been taking sustanon 250 500mg for 7 weeks now. I love the gains that I am getting. I have had increased anxiety levels since week 4. I was told by my friends that have been using roids for years that having anxiety while taking sustanon is normal.This week has been rough and the anxiety is getting out of hand. I work in law enforcement I sometimes encounter extreme situations. I cant allow myself to be over come by anxiety. Is there anything I can do or take other than benzodiazepines.

Well don’t take benzos unless you absolutely have to. I personally don’t want a guy with a gun rolling around town with dulled reflexes and anterograde amnesia.

How’s your BP? Is your e2 under control? High e2 can cause some mood issues, and anxiety is possible. High bp can also be the culprit. You may need blood work to confirm. But I’d check bp first.

I experience the same thing when I go above 500mg per week of any test. Whenever this has happened, I skipped a shot, then continued with 400mg EW, and the anxiety disappears. Hope this helps.

Personally, I could never work in law enforcement while running cycles. The first couple weeks of PCT, I am a emotional mess, and I work a desk job. I have a friend who is a police officer, and I know what he encounters on a daily basis.

You will be fine either way, and your committed at this point, but once you finish this cycle and PCT, you might want to evaluate the risk vs benefits of steroids.