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Need Help With Shoulder


last week I was performing Front Squats. I hold the bar 'bodybuilding style', with arms crossed. On the final rep of my max set, I let my upper body loosen just enough for the bar to slip. It slid down my arm right when I locked out up top, and I got it in the creases of my arm (basically in the beginning of a zercher squat). It tweaked my left shoulder a good deal, causing me to have pretty bad pain when I do any pressing movement, or lateral raise. I can do pulling movements without issue, but front squats are a pain as it hurts the injured shoulder. The pain seems to be around the medial/rear part more so then the front. Anyone have a similiar issue, know what exactly I could have injured it, and how to speed up recovery? Thanks


Just the usual I'd say: rest, ice, anti-inflammatories (aleve, ibuprofen, advil). Makes sense that it would hurt in the rear if you took the pull from the bar going down in front (overstretching it, hopefully not tearing anything right?!!!!! :wink: ).

I'd stretch out pecs too as usually they are tight, and getting them to settle a bit more than usual may allow your shoulder to 'sit back' a bit more (shorten the pulled muscle so it's strained less). *Obviously this is posture dependent, but I know most guys can benefit in the shoulder/upper back from stretching pecs, and even if it doesn't help what ails ya, more stretching never hurts (no pun intended)!


Well thanks for the info. I've been working on flexibility and posture for about 2 years, so I feel I'm decent in that deptartment. However, the shoulder seems to still hurt on presses. I've been doing the DC broomstick stretch, but the left shoulder hurts every rep of that, too


My shoulder felt tight (never pain). I started doing much more rowing relative to my pressing (to compound the benefits of the stretching and improved posture), not 1:1, but more like 3:1 for awhile. I've recently started doing lat raises w/ thumbs up based on a tip from a recent t-muscle article (I notice this is a huge shoulder comfort saver as it really keeps things opened up). Other than that, I don't have much.

Does your split have a good separation between chest (front delts, etc, get involved heavy on chest) and shoulders?

You've probably considered all the above, just throwing it out there...


You probably now have some kind of "pulled shoulder" issue... You had a traumatic injury and might have torn or dislocated something. Anyway, something is probably too loose now... maybe a joint capsule. I would definitely not do any kind of shoulder ROM stretches right now at all. Get eval'd by a physical therapist.


Thanks guys. My rowing:pressing ratio is cloe to 3:1, so that's not the issue most likely. I think I'm going to just take a week off of any pressing, maybe with the exception of light dumbbells (they dont seem to cause any real shoulder pain). I'm hoping maybe some ice, and rest will fix it. I talked to alot of my Phy Therp majors here at my college (the onesw that work for our football team) and the said like it's a rotator cuff issue/Ac joint issue. THey suggested not even do any pulling excercises, but those don't seem to irritate it at all, so I'm not swure why