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Need Help with Searching Forum and Info


hey guys, i work the oil rigs out here in alberta and have been slowly setting up my own gym in the garage, i have 1 olympic bar, 2 rubber 45lbs plates, 2 rubber 25lbs plates, one 12lbs med ball, 1 37lbs kettle bell and 2 25lbs dumbells, i also have a treadmill, i've been doing complexes with the o-bar and HIT training on the treadmill but i'm finding my workouts stale and i'm not sure in wich direction to be going for conditioning and fat loss can anyone help me with how to properly search for the info i need or anyone with any advice it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


Well, what kind of training are you interested in pursuing? And what are your goals? Get some specific questions written down, and plug them into the search bar on this site.