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Need help with routine


I am trying to bulk up and i need your help. here is my routine i am trying to develope, so please help me out. BTW i havent decided on how many reps/sets i should do. Let me know what you guys think.



? Barbell Bench Press
? Decline Bench Press
? Incline Bench Press
? Incline Dumbbell fly?s
? Dumbbell fly?s
? Lying Triceps Extension
? One Dumbbell Triceps Extension
? Close Grip Bench Press
? Cable Pushdowns



? Dead lifts
? Close grip pull down
? Bent over barbell rows
? Standing Barbell Curl
? Seated Hammer curl
? Incline Dumbbell Curls





? Squats
? Leg Extensions
? Lying Leg Curls
? Stiff Leg Dead Lifts



? Seated behind-the-neck press
? Barbell Shrugs
? Lateral Dumbbell raises

? Standing Barbell Calf raises
? Seated Calf raises
? Crunches
? Side Crunches
? Leg Raises

Any comments are welcome


what does your diet look like? All the work in the gym won't mount to much if your diet stinks, know what I mean? Need to give us a little more feedback in terms of what and how much you are eating.



You better go back and check T-Mag. I think you may have left out a few exercises! (Hey, I couldn't resist).

You stated that you are "trying to bulk up". If that's the case then why don't you drop much of this "routine" and do something that will burn less calories. Like fewer exercises for starters!

If I wanted to bulk up what I would do is this:

Monday-SQUAT- 6 sets with a rep range that may go up to 20. CHIN-UPS-4 sets, each set stopping one rep before failure. If you are unable to do chins go to T-Bar rowing and do 6 sets.

Wednesday-DEADLIFT-6 sets with a similar rep range as the squats. BENCH-6 sets, 12, 10, 8, 8, 6, 6.

Friday-Do Mondays workout again. Rotate each week doing Mondays twice the first week then Wednesdays twice and so on.

You may add one other exercise per workout day if you like, as it may cut the boredom. But, I would caution you to keep the sets low and the intensity high at all times!

This should give you a good 6 week, or so, bulking program. During this time period do not play any other sports. Sit instead of stand. Lie down instead of sit. And sleep instead of staying awake. That is if you wish to gain as much weight as possible! The point is to eliminate unnecessary movements.

Also, get a hold of a large container of Grow Protein powder and have as many shakes per day as you are able.

It's really all pretty simple stuff. You need to take in more calories than you burn. You need to make sure they are quality calories. You need to up your protein intake to about one gram per pound of body weight.

Sticking to it is the hard part!

Good Luck!


You need to add in your planned sets/reps to get a good answer to this.

However, at first glance, I am anticipating problems with volume (ie chest).

Unless you plan on doing a ton of squatting, etc., it appears your lower body isn't getting near the work your upper body is going to.

Why is that?


dude just get one of the program from the FAQ section. no thinking involved.


Agree with Thunder here.
You are over concentrating on your chest and not giving your legs the attention they deserve.
I also second the responses to the importance of dialing in your diet.


Can anyone here say, "Over-training"?