Need Help with Quad Injection

I’m not exactly new to this, I have been injecting myself for about 6 months now. I’m on 200mg a week of test cyp and I’m still not sure i’m injecting into the vastus lateralis which is what i have been going for. I can’t really find any pictures of somebody doing the injection the same way.

I have looked at plenty of times and just get confused. In series 1 the guy looks like he is injecting straight into the back part of his leg, in series 3 and 4 they look like they are injecting just a little above their kneecap but also directly into the side of their leg at a straight angle.

Series 2 is how I have been doing it but it shows the guy injecting sort of top down into the leg, looking at diagrams of where the vastus lateralis is make it even more confusing. Some show it on the top of the leg and some on the side. All this differnt info makes me uncertain i’m injecting into the right place. Can someone please help me out with this?

Some details depend on the length of the needle and amount of fat.

You should read the ‘advice for new guys sticky’ and the ‘protocol for injections’. Many are injecting small amounts more often SC with insulin needles. There is no need for a life time of muscle damage.

Post your labs please.

200mg/week sounds like bad news based on a lack of any other info.

I guess I messed up not reading the sticky, from what I understand I’m not allowed to create another topic?

My most recent labs are:

Total test: 638

Free test: 32.3


I have talked to my doctor and I think he’s going to put me on arimidex next visit for the high estrogen. I’m using 23g 1" needles. I’m a little nervous about the "200mg/week sounding like bad news’, why is that?. I’m 24 and my test before I started was low 300’s. I’m not sure what other info you might need but I have the lab results in case you need more info. I’m kind of worried now.