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Need Help with Protocol

Need help with protocol and E2

Hi guys, really need some solid help here, below are my up to date labs.

Been on this protocol just over 2 months.

Protocol is 250 IU HCG EOD
Test E 100mg week split 50mg E3.5D

E2 56.93 pgml/207 pmol/l

TT 1144.09 ng dl/39.7 nmol/l

FT 1.2 nmol

SHBG 15.4 nmol

DHEA 9.3 umol/l

Everything else all good, prolactin, thyroid, albumin and so on.

I’m not feeling good and I suspect it’s high E2, I have Arimidex but I really don’t want to take anything else and ideally just want to be on test and hcg, haven’t sent these labs over to doc yet.

My SHBG is low, is there anyway I could combat this and reduce E2?

I’m happy to even have a lower TT so could cut some HCG and Test slightly so levels come down?
Maybe 75mg weekly and split dose to more frequent injections?

What is the minimum HCG dose to still get the benefits from it?

Need some solid advice, want to bring my levels down quick and without an AI or adding anything else into the mix.

I’m in the same boat as you, I have low SHBG and only found daily injections keeps estrogen around 28-33. When I was injecting twice weekly estrogen was always high, moderately elevated on an EOD protocol.

The HCG isn’t helping in the estrogen department either. You are actually getting estrogen from two different sources, inside the testicles and via aromatase.

It’s impossible to answer how one will respond to a minimum HCG dose. The only way to bring estrogen down quickly is stopping the HCG.

How have you found the eod injections rather than twice weekly? Have you noticed any positive effects?

I’m skeptical as I don’t understand how it would make much difference but willing to give it a go.

I’m thinking I may lower both my test and HCG total doses and run an eod protocol to see how it changes things.

What benefits are you expecting from hCG?

My response to TRT greatly improved going from twice weekly to an EOD protocol because my body doesn’t like levels fluctuating too much or my body ignores the hormones and the treatment becomes less effective.

The daily is even better in regards to how I respond to TRT.

The benefits I’ve experienced so far from it, I was on Nebido for 3 months before this new treatment without HCG and I felt awful, my testicles hurt, felt uncomfortable, I had brain fog, lethargic, no sex drive and the list goes on.

With HCG my DHEA seems to have went up and I presume it helps with pregnenolone and other back filling hormones.
Not to mention I like having my testicles and want children and for me my sex drive seems to stem from sensation in my testicles.

Interesting, could you tell me how it made you feel better? Like better mood, more sex drive and so on?

I’m really thinking this may be the way to go.

Got it, sounds as though hCG is for you.