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Need Help with Protocol

Rite now I am taking 100mg of Test weekly but it is split up into two dosages. I take one dose on Monday 50mg and another does on Thursday 50mg.
Then I take HGC 250 I.U EOD Sub Q
I also take .25 Arimidex Twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays

Now the reason for this post is I have received back some of my labs not much because not all of the labs have came in. but based on the labs I received so far here are the results

SHGB 15nm (10-50nm)
E2 Senstive 64pg ( <29)

@systemlord you were absolutely rite introducing TRT to my system made my SHGB numbers decrease. So it is a must that I talk to my doctor on the 18th about receiving my frequent injections

But now for my questions. As you can see my E2 is way to high. So obviously im going to have to increase the dosage. Im think trying .25 three times a week instead of twice a week.

My questions is when exactly is the best time to take Arimidex is it best to take is the same days of your injections or 24hrs after your injection??

Also do you think do you think that Monday and Thursday is ok for my injection days???

Basically Im having trouble spacing everything out properly

I am on Zuclopenthixol, a second-generation dopamine agonist and I can tell you if you are someone is easily addicted to activities, it will help you tremendously by giving you a knock-out punch for a week that you will gradually overcome with sheer discipline and mental strength and make you more sensitive to your workouts, in terms of receiving the dopamine influx.

It deals with aggression management and while it seems like a Joker card in terms of its effects on your workouts, I can tell you testosterone is harnessed from the effects of dopamine so you are not really dealing with the end-products of what you want to see.

Want to feel fitter and more mentally aroused, up your levels of dopamine instead. Try depleting yourself of dopamine first. You will focus on the right processes of boosting dopamine levels and come up with better routines for this task and soon you’ll be less reliant on testosterone supplements.

It always happens. Doc returns with a failed report of T-levels and people start panicking and overdose on T (though in your case, you’re not). Instead, challenge yourself by subtracting your total testosterone levels and use more physical and mental energy to replenish it. Soon, it becomes a lifestyle change and better yet, when you finally use the testosterone supplements, it will work wonders for you.

I am basically questioning the mathematics of this approach by using a philosophic method. Is it sustainable, is it methodologically-proven even and is it cost-effective?

Try it, dopamine systems are sensitive. Once deprived of it, you will grow to appreciate what you have when you exercise. The mind is stronger than the body. Pull nutrients towards you, don’t push the right stuff out with flawed protocols.

Monday and Thursday should be fine for the injections. Some guys will add the extra half-day to be exact, like Monday am and Thursday pm, but I don’t think it matters much. Taking Adex at least 2X/week should be fine regardless of which days since the half life is something like 3 days. Just be consistent.

Right now you are only taking.5 mg Adex, recommended dose is 1 mg/100 mg test. I would increase my dose to 0.5 twice a week and get retested about a month later

so it doesn’t matter if I take it on injection day or 24 hrs after?? as long as im consistent rite

yea I did read that is it recommended that you take 1mg for every 100mg of Test but I figured that I would gradually increase my does but I just wanted ta make sure I don’t increase it too much to where it would make my E2 crash. I know everyone system is different

Well, 64 on your E2 is pretty high. I think you’re safe to bump it up now

Thanks you guys for your feed back had one more question

Which test is recorded E2 sensitive or the regular E2 LC/Ms test

Yea I think im gonna bump it up starting this week. I just got to get the spacing of the dosages rite.

Like i was saying earlier not sure which one is preferred to take Arimdex the same day of injection or 24 hrs later and based on my protocol which days do you think it is best for me to take it.

Thanks for the ffed back all feed back is very appreciated

I pin on weds and Sunday and I take my Adex on pin days

ok maybe thats what ill start doing. ill post more when the rest of my results come in

Part of the problem is that that particular E2 test has a different range which creates doubt.

With E2=64 and with goal E2=22:

New AI dose should be old+dose * 64/22 which seems high…
E2 could be higher if liver clearance is low.

Could you have missed an AI dose?

@KSman in not too sure what this mean

“New AI dose should be old+dose * 64/22 which seems high…
E2 could be higher if liver clearance is low.”

But to answer your question I take .25 twice a week and yes last week I missed one dose. Which means last week I only took .25 once

Are you saying that maybe that one dose may have brought my E2 up that high?
Does that mean I don’t need to bump up my dose too .25 3x/week ???