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Need Help with Programming

First off, I haven’t lifted consistently in about 2, almost 3 years. Some of you may have seen other posts of mine - I’ve had a sub-scapular impingement for about 3 years and so most pressing movements (beyond landmine presses and occasionally dumbbell shoulder presses depending on how my shoulder feels) are a no go :confused:
And beyond my shoulder impingement, I had a big surgery in 2019, then got pregnant and am now 26 weeks pregnant with my second :joy:

Up until I have my second and for a while after, my main focus is back and glutes.
So this is what I’m thinking :woman_shrugging:t3:

Back day (2 times a week)
Cable row
Single arm dumbbell row
Lat pulldown
Rear delt flys

Pressing/arm day (1 day a week)
Landmine press
Rear delt flys
Tricep kickbacks
Bicep curls with DBs

Leg day #1
Hip thrust with dumbbell
Sumo Romanian deadlift with DB (cause my belly is getting big :sweat_smile:)
Side lying hip abduction with band

Leg day #2
Leg press
Goblet squat with DB
Lateral band walks

Not sure about rep/sets.
Also obviously I’m taking it a bit easy at this point in my pregnancy and because I haven’t worked out consistently, but hoping to eventually ramp up the intensity and add in more movements postpartum.

Do you have access to a trap bar? Another option for deadlifts too.

Unfortunately no :confused:

Can I ask what you do with your shoulders in terms of cues during pressing lifts? I.e. packing them or keeping them down and back.

I used to keep them down and back because 2 past coaches advised me to do so. So I’m sure that didn’t help with my impingement problem. I’ve played around with pressing movements recently without doing that and it felt better but still iffy :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I can tell you that it takes quite a while to unlearn scap packing to the point that everything moves in unison, but that it will continue to improve if you can drop the weight and keep your rear delts healthy. Anyways, I’ll back out now and just finish by saying, as I’ve said frequently elsewhere on here, you can totally live pain free by avoiding stuff, but the problems will get worse, not better.

Congrats on your second! Mine are 17 months apart and it wasn’t easy in the early days, but it was the right decision in the long run.

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Currious question… did you or have you conferred with a physician who deals specifically with orthopedics? Or is that not been a possibility.

I’ve seen a chiropractor and a PT. Both said that it was a sub-scapular impingement. But I haven’t been able to see anyone else.