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Need Help With Program


I am wondering if there is a better routine than I am doing now. On my sets I go 4 set the number of reps I do go down after each but I add on weight each time.I go 10,8,6,4. Is that what I should be doing. I am trying to gain strength but at the same time get ripped, and is it good for me to take any supplements.

                 Thanks for any information

  If their is any better routines that I could do if someone could post one it would be greatly appreciated.


Sets of 10 8 and higher reps like that will build some strenght but at the expense of increasing muscle size.

I saw in your previous post you want to compete at about your current bodyweight so if you are deadset on that you are better off doing more high instensity(closer to your max) and low to moderate volume. Try doing lifts like weighted chins and dips, box squats and weighted abdominal work for the bulk of your strength training.

Probably something in the range of 1-5 reps for 5 or so sets.

As far as being ripped thats a reflection of your diet. There are hundreds of good diet articles here on this website, just read anything by Berardi. With your wrestling practice or conditioning I doubt you will need or be able to handle much cardiovascular work. But if you do look into high intensity sprinting instead of long distance running. Hope that helps some.


Training goal? What is your program like now?


My goal is to become bigger because after I am done with school I want to get in to bodybuilding. But for now I need the strength for wrestling.

So I dont know what to do for a good work out... I would to put on as much strength and mass as possible and I don't know the best way to do that.


Your 2 'goals' are not seperate. As for increasing your strength for wrestling--are you not midway through tthe season at this point. Your goal should not be to try and increase strength during your season. The mat work is too taxing.

Keep your reps between 5-10 and work hard. At whatever rep scheme you're working you shouldn't have a bunch left in the tank after your sets. Sets of 5 @ 6-7 rep max. Sets of 10 @ 11-12 rep max. Decrease your rest periods and get out and consume some calories.


So lower reps will build muscle and strength instead of higher reps building muscle?


As a general guideline lower reps=strength

higher reps=hypertrophy

But as with CW's scheme you can get hypertrophy even at lower reps high weights.

It's just not as cut and dried as maybe you'd like it. My advice would be to train for the now. Who cares what your future goals are right now. Your bb days are way ahead of you. What will benefit your wrestling goals now is what I would focus on.

My guess is that would be endurance work of all kinds. The middle of wrestling season is no time to go on a mass building phase.


good thinkin the last we have the section tourny. then we are done unless I advance to the state comp which I have a good chance with a record of 25-4.

Today at the gym I went 12-15 reps and downed the weight.


Stick to the basic compound free weight lifts and just eat more


Dude its as simple as this, lifting hard will build strength, eating like a man will build muscle.