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Need Help with Program


So here is the deal, I am about 6'0-6'1 about 236 lbs right now. In Sept I was about 247 lb. I started lifting lightly (full body 2 sets of 10 just to get back into it) in November and about a month ago I started Chad Waterbury's TBT workout plan (I had good results with it in 2009). Up until november, I had been pretty much sedentary for over a year. This may be unrealistic, but I want to get into 'take my shirt off at the beach' shape in about 2 months-ish. Here is what I have been doing so far...

MWF: Morning: SS cardio (usually stairs for about 30mins 400 cal)
Evening: TBT Work out (Full Body Workout 4 core lifts 2 subs) Followed by 15 mins HIIT on a stationary Bike

Tues/Thur: Morning SS Cardio, 30 mins, usually stairs (400 ish cals on the machine read out)
Night: SS Cardio, 30 mins, usually stairs

Sat: I try to do a light cardio or maybe some light lifting on areas i felt i missed or didn't get hard enough during the week.

Sun: Off day

Diet: 5-7 small meals a day. Was usually 5, at about 300 calories a meal. I was keeping calories around 1500 a day. Honestly I wasn't doing a detailed job of measuring Carbs, Proteins, Fats. But I wasn't drinking soda or any shit like that, was trying to get at the least 20g of good lean protein at each feedings, and stayed away from saturated fats and tried to eat complex carbs. 1 day a week I let myself have a cheat meal, but try not to let it get out of hand.

I am fine with a rigorous program, I just need to know I am moving in the right direction and getting results. I want something where I can throw myself into it completely, get fast and hard results, but have it be something that I can transition into a healthy lifestyle and maintaining phase. (IE I dont want to just get like 11% body fat then piss it down the drain in 2 months of shitty eating.)

My body type is I have always been a bigger kid, but I am strong fat not skinny fat. I can get strong really quickly, but burning off body fat is the more difficult task for me and has been my whole life. One thing I notice about myself now at 25 as opposed to 18 in college is I have a lot more mental discipline for following diets and workouts etc. I just need to know where to point my ship so can raise my sails and storm the beach on this fucking fat problem once and for all.

Any advice is appreciated.



Great, you plan on starving yourself. Where did you get this diet? Cosmo?

Get on a lifting program (I really don't care which).
Read everything on this site about nutrition, starting with the beginner forum. Get on a diet (again, don't care which).
Make realistic goals. You already said yourself it was unrealistic.

Example: Do the TBT Program and IF diet. Or WS4SB and AD. Or Texas Method and Carb Cycling. Or etc....

Doesn't matter, all of the above will get you there IF you are consistent in the gym and in the kitchen.

Im 6'3 and 1500 calories is my maintenance total, before lunch....




Doing the 1500 did not make me feel starved even at the rate of working out I am doing. Which actually left me concerned. If I can perform at the rate I am at the calorie intake, is it a bad thing? Will I lose weight faster? This is what I am concerned about.

I get mixed information (or I am mixing it up) from the different threads I read on the forum.

I read "at the end of the day, calories in vs. calories out". Well, if I am burning 800 calories a day in cardio (M-F), lifting 3 days a week at an, intake of 1500 calories a day, and my maintenance at sedentary is 2,700. This gives me a 1,200 calorie deficit from diet, and a 800 calorie a day deficit from cardio. This means at 2,700 for maintenance it is 75,600kcal for a month, I am consuming 42,000 (deficit of 33,600). Then, with my cardio I am burning an additional (17,600 a month). Which brings my deficit to 51,200. My net calories for the month is then is 24,400. If there are 3,500kcal in a pound of fat, then assuming I burn all fat, my deficit (51,200 divided by 3500 = 14.62lb.) This is accounting for the calories I lose for weight lifting, or the metabolic boost I get from lifting and 2 a day cardio.

Are you saying I will lose less fat by being on a restricted diet? By eating more will I lose more fat?

Also, I read that doing cardio for extended periods can burn my muscle not my fat, which will turn into my body burning less calories because I have less muscle. Should I not be doing 800 calories a day of cardio then?

Could you please direct me to the beginners forum? I can't seem to find it.