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Need Help with Program for Neurotype 2

I would like to find my neuro type only I am lost.
I think of being type two with GABA high only I’m not sure!:confused:

so you can help me here is my profile.:sunglasses:

my profile:

rather anxious people, more or less impulsive, being regular in search of a “lost” object.


I measure 5.7 feet for 174 LBS

personal record:

bench: 275 lbs
deadlift: 440 lbs
squat before: 264 " i know i’m chicken legs … ":cry:

based on polyarticular and mono articular in my workout I need to push a little heavy and have a good pump.

I hope that it will be able to enlighten you to help me in my step.

I’m sorry if my message is not in the right category, please forgive me

It’s far from being enough to know your type. You give me very little personal info. And as I mentioned in a previous topic, I DO NOT want the forum to become a place to diagnose neurotypes. Because I need to talk to the person to do the best possible job.

OK I understand and I apologize for the inconvenience.

how to do to contact you mr thibaudeau and have more informations?

ps: I’ve bought the muscle mass program and the program is very comprehensive. thanks for all ! Mr thibaudeau

You can email my assistance Jessica at jess@ballisticmanagemnt.com