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Need Help with Plan to Make Gains

Hey so like most new guys here I’ve been interested and have stalked T nation for a while, I’ll shorten the sob story since I know in the end its my fault for being lazy. The reason why i’m writing this because back when i was fresh out of highschool I ended up going from 300 pounds to 208 and it wasn’t what i was looking for I was too skinny looking too weak I would almost faint at doing squats at 30lbs each side. now some years have past and I was bigger than before but I’ve already went from 340+ to 270 and so far its been just diet now I want to hit the gym more seriously I’m looking for workout recommendations and any dieting tips I can get I’m trying to use all my resources to make sure I’m not fucking myself over. I’m currently doing the buff dudes 12 week plan and I’m eating roughly 1.3k calories I’m sure I’m eating what I think is okay giving my stats but I’m going to see what you guys would recommend I add to my prep I am currently meal prepping

Beef heart (chili) 12 OZ
376.9 Cal
60 P
13.2 F

Bulgur Wheat 1cup
194.44 CAL
61 Carb

one cup
Calories: 230.
Carbs: 39.9 grams.
Fiber 15.6 grams
Protein: 17.9 grams.

Garbanzo 1cup
269 calories
45 g of carbohydrate
15 g of protein
13 g of dietary fiber

103 kcal
F 1.9 g
C1.3 g

Cal 1276.36
P 159.9
f 17
C 148.9
fib 78.6

Plus a “Green” juice i make which consist of a stalk of celery, a whole cucumber, a handful of kale 3/4th a pound of raw beets and a spoonful of turmeric
I know i should probably be eating more steaks n shit like that but I am currently living in a 3rd world country and my ass makes less than 3 dollars a hour so I’m opting for cheaper food but hoping for good results trying to make sure I don’t hurt my own progression, I am not looking to be skinny I’d like to be more, i guess the word would be stocky? looking for more of an old school look obviously i know it isn’t too realistic its not like I’m gonna be the Von moger but something along those lines is what i’d like to aim for in the next decade or so.
Stats are Weight: 278 bodyfat: I’m not too sure but its definitely like 35+ maybe? I am 25 years old and am about 6’2" sorry for the long rambling guys. I’ll edit and improve the format once I get the chance. Thanks for the time!

Yeah you’'re properly fat. Run through programs off this site like these below until get down to like 235 then evaluate…

Diet: 1300 cals is nowhere near enough and will have tanked your meatabolism. up to 2500(still not that much at 6’2’)

I have a similar story. Always been fat. Went from almost 270 to 175 and realized I had ZERO muscle. I was just skinny fat. Depressed ate back to 195 and found this place. They were starting the annual T-transformation 6 month challenge. Goes from Jan. 1 to June something I think. I made a workout journal on here and got to work!

I’m not in any position to hand out training or diet advice, but I will say making a training journal has helped keep me accountable and a good way to track progress.

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Just seems too low for a guy your size. Unless its doctor’s orders to keep your calories this low (I seent it for gastric bypass clients), eat more.

Steaks would be nice, but so would ground beef, or any cheap ol cut.

I went from 195 to 169 in 3.5 months. Was eatin 1600 calories was running and doing calisthenics. Was cut but weak. Felt like shit and co works told me I was always cranky. Bumped up calories. Started sleeping good again caffeine was a luxury and no longer a requirement.

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