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Need Help with PCT

So my cycle has come to an end. I ran test-e first 4 week 350 mg and for 4 week i up my dose to 400 mg a week. So total i have been 8 weeks on cycle and its time to quit now. So im thinking of using HCG, Clomid and Nolva all 3 together. Can anyone help me when to take and how much to take. Because right now i dont know much about a proper pct protocol.

HCG 400iu Mon and Thurs for next three weeks, no other compounds. Then Nolva 40mg ed week 1, 40 mg ed week 2, 20 mg ed week 3, 20 mg ed week 4.


Starting to research what a PCT is at the end of the cycle is poor planning. Anyways, if you were only using test and at those dosages Nolva will suffice, I don’t think you need to add clomid to the mix.

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