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Need Help with Oral Tbol and Letro


The BEST idea I can come up with using the limited knowledge I have is to just split my 2.5mg letro tabs in half, take one a day until the gyno goes away, and then slowly start to taper down. Then run some nolva for a week or so, say 20mg a day. Then, a few weeks later, I can start the Oral Tbol. I also have Aromasin and Arimidex on hand which I could incorporate should you feel the need for me to do so.

Does this make any sense?


Anyone? :slight_smile:


OK, well, here's an update just in case anyone is curious:

I split my 2.5mg letro tabs in halves. 24 hours after taking my first 1.25mg dose, the tenderness and painful to the touch feeling I've had for the last eight months pratically vanished by as much as 80%. It's been four days that I've been taking a half pill a day and my gyno has been reduced significantly. It's down to a level that, if it were to stay like that for the rest of my life, I could live with it. No noticeable reduction in sex drive either. I'm going to stay on like this for a total of two weeks and then run nolva for a week. I'll then start up on the oral tbol a few weeks after the nolva and hope that the gyno doesn't return.