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Need Help With Online Sources


I need to check with some of you guys the legitamacy of a online source. So those who are interested please PM me. I do not want to break any of the forum rules and it my understanding that it is ok to discuss this sort of thing on a PM basis.



Are we allowed to post online souces (pharmacy) to test thier legitamacy.


well, you really shouldn't ... but that doesn't stop people from doing it. I have never used an online/overseas pharmacy, probably woundn't unless I was really desperate. But either way you will always run the risk of getting ripped off (in many ways- you don't get your shipment, the shipment is siezed, you get low dosed products, you get fake products) And you have to determine if that risk is worth it.




You can PM me. I've got a couple of vets on another board I always check sources with through a Hushmail account. I'll run whatever you've got by them.