Need help with nutrition/training strategy

Hello everybody. I am now on my last week of fat fast dieting which lasted 42 days with great results. I’m at about 11-12% bodyfat now and started at around 17-18. I am weighting 165 lbs at 5’10", but will obviously gain 10 lbs after the diet. I plan to use the 12 weeks to super strength training protocol from Ian king for the summer (that’s 2 sessions of upper body training performed on wednesdays and saturdays) and a leg workout on mondays. I used that protocol last summer with great success. I will use the anabolic diet protocol, with a twist. Monday to Friday, 2500-3000 calories (50% prot, 50% fat), to the exception of a serving of surge after the weekly workouts. I plan to take Ribose-C before and after the workouts as well, but I understand that I can’t take it at the same time as surge, so I will have to wait. On my weekend carb load-up, I will use 5g. of creatine with every meal, so about 20-30 g. per day. Is there something I can tweak to make this program better? My goal is to gain a little muscle while losing a little fat. Oh yeah, I plan to use MD6 and T2 in about a month, and then for the whole summer. Thanx everybody!