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Need Help With My Training

hey how’s it going,

i am looking for someone who can guide and direct me to some use full information of a training book or training program. im 19 years old and i have been bodybuilding for about 3 years and started getting board of the whole eat, sleep , workout , eat , sleep , workout ,

it kinda killed my social life and all i could think about was when is my next meal was and to rest all day for my workout. i did bulk to 240 18% body fat but felt very bloated, my joints hurt and i was spending tons of money on supplements i couldn’t afford ( almost 300 a month )

after i started to realize there was a lot more to life then working out, so I set of to changed my whole mind set of training. I picked up shorinjiryu kenkukai karatedo , a form of karate that I love taking also lost 30 pounds from it as well.

after joining karate I realized I wanted to be in shape not just for muscle size and being big to show off to people , but strengthening my body for a life time so I can live a healthy long life , my new motto is “its better to have a body for life then to have a body for the moment”

see my problem is all i did was eat sleep and workout to grow and never really did it the right way. what i am looking for now is

muscle size ( nothing overboard, nice lean USABLE muscle )

and I don’t know how to achieve all these results, the right way,

i was wondering if any of your material is guided toward my fitness goals looking mostly for a good book written by a strength coach with a theory i can use for life, i tried e-mailing alwyn cosgrove and even posted to him cause he cought my eye but he never got back to me, i started reading his new book the new rules of lifting, but in the beginning of the book it said that the book was mostly aimed beginners, i looked at ian kings book of muscle but seem pretty basic and more just for the average joe ( good info tho ) im kinda lost now and took a few weeks off from training to reeducate my mind on my new apporach to healthy training 4 life.

hopefully you all can be of help.

God bless


I don’t think you need a book or anything like that. You just need to keep things in perspective… which seems to be the conclusion you’ve come to.

Go to the gym, do sports, live a little.

If you do some searches, there have been lots of articles or at least discussions on here about sport specific training, in the event you want to direct your training in that way.

i don’t wanna train for karate , i wanna train for over all health, i would like to gain muscle size as well, im looking for a good training theory to follow/guide lines from the best in the business

anyone else???

[quote]jer27 wrote:
what i am looking for now is

muscle size ( nothing overboard, nice lean USABLE muscle )


basically what you are asking for is what this website is all about, and what everyone is looking for. Start searching the site, and you will see that there is more information, sample routines and diet plans to help you achieve these goals.

I suspect you haven’t had many responses because it is kind of annoying to have people ask for this information when it is all freely available through the search function.

Good luck.