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Need Help with my Supplement Stack

I feel like over time I’ve developed a supplement stack that is just kind of overkill. I’ll list it out below but it’s just a lot of stuff and I’m spending like $250+ a month on them. It just feels excessive. For reference, my goals are to add a little bit of muscle (maybe 5-10 lbs) while staying lean ~10-11% body fat. I’m currently about 210lbs. What can I drop/replace to get things under control?

Creatine - 5g
Flameout - 4caps
Curcumin - 3caps
Indigo-3G - 6caps
Z-12 - 3 caps
Multivitamin - 2caps
CLA - 2 caps
Vitamin D - 1cap (this is dr recommended so I want to keep it)
Saw palmetto - 2 caps (also dr recommended)
Pycnogenol - 2 caps (also dr recommend)

Really trying to cut things down a bit so would appreciate any suggestions.

Please feel free to respost this on the Biotest forums as well.


How about,

  • Creatine - 5mg (keep, and do you mean g?)
  • Flameout - 2caps when gaining, 4 when dieting
  • Curcumin - 3caps (diet phase only)
  • Indigo-3G - 6caps (diet phase only)
  • Z-12 - 3 caps (as needed, when sleep has been poor)
  • Multivitamin - 2caps (drop, eat a varied diet)
  • CLA - 2 caps (drop)

Keep everything recommended by doctor.

Alternate 6-8 weeks of adding mass with a 2 week deficit.

Should balance out the expense quite a bit.

Thanks Mod for the repost idea, I’ll do that.

Thanks for the suggestion Allberg. You’re right I did mean g with the creatine. I’m curious as to your thoughts behind the suggestion with dropping the CLA and Flameout decrease. Are you thinking they’re redundant or just not necessary?

redundant. i think we can comparate it to example use Creatine monohydrate with creatine HCL with Creatine ethyl ester…maybe they do something different at the end but do we really need to use 3 creatine instead of only 1 ?

No protein?

No, I definitely use protein shakes, I just classify that more as food.

Well, I guess with CLA I should’ve asked “do you eat meat?” rather than presuming that you did and if you eat fatty fish then you shouldn’t need Flameout daily.

Further, I’ve personally settled on 3-4g of Omega-3 on days that I don’t eat fatty fish and its a lower quality than Flameout. I know old T-nation articles adviced eating just a little less than what makes you “runny” in the bathroom but since you are trying to save money I don’t think every dial needs to be turned to 10 and it’s okay to get some benefit out of a supplement rather than going for a financially unsustainable ideal.