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Need Help with My Powerbuilding Program

Hey Thib. I’m a really big fan of your work and methods and I’ve fallen in love with powerbuilding.

I am currently squatting, benching and deadlifting x3 week and I love it and can seem to recover just fine from this frequency. But I would need some help in creating some sort of cyclical training program, propably 12-weeks, which I could then cycle and repeat to build better base and make new PRs on all three lifts. I absolutely love the 5/4/3/2/1 method, but I feel that alone will not give me the most optimal results in terms of functional hypertrophy, strength and maximal power.

I reference, my current stats are
Age 34
Height 182cm
weight 99kg
Bench Max 160kg
Squat Max 220kg
Deadlift Max 270kg

I train mostly without a belt and I like that way of training and only use it when I attempt a new PR.

I have tried various different methods you have posted, from contrast, to wave loading and would like to construct some kind of simple to follow 12-week block or pendulum program, divided in 3-week phases and done Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It seems most x3 programs are divided in
Monday- Heavy
Wednesday - Light
Friday- Medium

But is it possible to have Friday as the Heavy day? Because of my work, friday is the most optimal day for the heaviest workout, monday is the hardest day to train after two 16-hour work days in a row on weekend and also the reason I cant train on weekends.

I hope you could share you wisdom and insight and help me to kickstart my powerbuilding and maybe make it possible for me to start competing at powerlifting aswell.

Here is the template of my current program I made for myself. But I am unsure if this is a good program and if it’s sustainable. The workout range is from 70% to 105%, undulating periodization.