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Need Help with My Posture


I've been worrying about my posture for over a month now till I really noticed it. I'm thinking about going to a chiropractor. Is it bad? How can I improve? What do I have?


I think before you start getting ideas from an online forum you might want to have a medical professional assess just what's going on. From there, realizing what's what in terms of specifics, you can then learn how to best address them.




There is an awful lot of horseshit out there, best leave it to the accredited professionals


Definitely get an assessment.

I looked just like you and I found that I lacked t-spine mobility, my hip flexors were tight, and my lower abdominals and glutes were weak, to name just a few things. From there it was VERY easy to search T-Nation and find tools for the problem. However only a professional can tell you what the problem is. Please don't read this post as me telling you what is wrong with YOU. I only know what is wrong with me.