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Need Help With My Deadlift

Ok so i was doing my dead lifts before and i realized that once i go up in weight my grip is not strong enough to actually hold the 250lb bar up. any help? thank you i don’t really know if theres any thing i can do but i figured i would ask.

Use a staggered grip (one hand pronated and one hand supinated). Make sure you switch which hand is pronated and supinated in a methodical fashion or your back will develop unevenly. Then maybe once you can’t do that, switch to hooks. But I would stay away from those as long as possible if you are lifting the weight you need to using a staggered grip.

I also had the same problem.

The solution for me was Farmer’s walks. Go up to the dumbell rack, grab a set that you can curl with both hands, and make a complete tour around the gym. Ignore the people looking at you.

You will feel it in your legs at first, then your forearms will begin to burn. If you only get halfway around the gym, put the weights down and just stand there and rest for a minute, then pick them up and continue.

I had a hell of a time getting past 225 a long time ago. Once my grip caught up I just kept getting stronger.

I don’t use straps because it slows me down. I like to “grip it and rip it”, so I use chalk (you can get a block at Sports Authority for about 5 bucks) which I carry on deadlift days in a sandwich baggie. There’s a sign that says “No chalk allowed” where I train, but I’m very carefull to not leave a mess, so the staff has never once given me any problems. Chalk will help you more than you will believe.

one-handed deadlifts.

In the same vein as rodle’s farmer’s walks, these are a grip exercise. I like them because I think they load the external obliques more than farmers walks.

A think an optimum progression is this.

  1. chalk

  2. Incorporate other exercises that require grip strength, like heavy BB shrugs.

  3. Start training forearms and grip directly.

  4. Use straps. By this point you are still doing grip work but your DL and rack pulls are so damn heavy that straps are required.

Try doing towel pullups. They work your grip like no other.

Just chalk up and use a hook grip or switch grip.

thank you so much guys this helped me a lot!