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Need Help with Meal Plan


I need help figuring out how to eat. I need to get around 2500-2700 currently (maintenance to recomp)

My issues are:

I don’t eat dairy
I don’t eat red meat
I can’t eat a crazy amount of carbs (~200 seems to be the sweet spot for me)
I can’t eat a huge amount of fat (I literally feel uneasy the whole day)

Based on these limiters, what food items can I add to get to my desired intake?

I basically eat all meat/veggies/fruit/nuts through the day (2 monster salads)

Then dinner,the base of my meal (i’m Indian) is rice, lentils, 2 eggs, and then there’s always some sort of meat/veggie but that can be inconsistent.


Just FYI - I eat like this because I try to eat as well as I can during the week because during my wknd job I don’t even get a chance to eat. So I end up having like one monster dinner each night that is about ~2000 cals on Saturday and Sunday.


Chicken, tuna, salmon, eggs, pork

Rice, oatmeal, potatoes

Good fats like evoo and coconut oil.

Veg at every meals.

I eat one fruit a day because I like it.

Keep complex carbs around workout.

It really is not complicated.

Make SMALL adjustments as needed.


Sounds good man! I thought maybe I was over thinking it. I just hear all these things about not having too much protein, fat, etc. I figured the easiest way to get to my cal goal was to just have another serving of meat, but didn’t know if that made a difference.


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I dont eat red meat or heavy dairy either so I can help you out with what I eat. Number one thing i always look for when i eat a meal or shop is the proteins so ill start with that
Black beans (bag, not canned)
Protein powder or bars
Nuts and seeds (pumpkin seeds)
Greek yogurt (if you want dairy)
Buckwheat groats
Bean pastas (good supplement for regular pasta, mostly sold in whole food or organic stores)
Fake meats / veggie burgers ( watch your soy intake because it will raise estrigen levels)
Brown rice /grains. (Quinoa)
(Stick to complex carbs rather than carbs like soda or candy or sugary foods.)
Fat :
Coconut oil
Also make sure you get something green in your diet as well
Vitamins never hurt either because you dont eat red meat you may lack B12 take an liquid supplment rather than a pill. Hope it helps