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Need Help with Math on Dosage

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I’m on TRT recently switched from going to the doctors since all of them around here are way expensive. I’m currently getting 200mg/1ml bottles of test cyp. I’m currently wanting to spilt my does up from two days a week to three and I’m confused on the math with the pins. How would I measure out 200mg for 3 days? I know three days for 150mg would be .5cc each day. Just confused

Is that 200mg/ml? Then 1ml=200mg. 150mg /3 would be 50mg or .25ml. So 200mg/3 is .66mg or .33ml. In this case your .5cc *3 would be 300mg

If it’s 100mg/ml the the mg is the same as ml so .66ml = 66mg. In this case you would be correct on the 150 dosing.

Use 1ml syringes to get the dosing correct, you might be off a mg here or there, but that’s fine.

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sorry I meant to put 200mg/1ml! My bad!

1 mL + 200mg so 0.33 ml = 66 mg
66 mg x 3 shots = 198 mg

So you need to pin 0.3 mL 3 times per week.

200mg a week / 3 doses per week = 66mg per dose

200mg/ml T / 66mg/dose = 0.3ml per injection. That’s it. Change the numbers to suit to your case.