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Need Help with Macronutrtion

Hi, I finish a Fat Fast diet and I add some Calorie and Carbo every week. It’s not my problem. But I 1 month, I want do a Bucking cycle. I’m Now around 160pounds and a body fat around 5-6% (I will have the result of my fat fast diet tomorrow). With the Massive eating part 1, I calculed that I need to eat around 4000cal/day. I found also with moderate insulin sensitivity tend to do best on diets that are more isocaloric (30% carbs, 40% protein, 30% fat). Is it good for me ? I don’t know what is the % of P-C-F to choice. 40% protein in a 4000cal diet is 400g/day, 2.5g/lbs. Is it to much ? Please Ireally need help. Thank Seeya Byp0

Please anybody, I really need this help soon :slight_smile:

Hey bypo
The only way you’ll know if it’s too much is if you try it! If you gain muscular bodyweight and keep your bodyfat fairly low then you’ll know it’s working for you. On the other hand if you get constipated as hell, gain fat, and find your urine and sweat smell of ammonia then this might be more protein then you can handle.

Hey, sup Byp0? Well, I don’t personally think 2.5 grams of protein / lb bodyweight is reasonable for a diet in the absence of exogenous androgens. I know you have used androsol in the past. Are you going to use it for this bulking diet? If so, then 2.5 sounds reasonable. Otherwise, I think a 40/30/30 would be better. Let us know how it goes! Oh, and put pics on your site. BTW - your results look great. Stick with it!

Hey byp0, what happened to all that weight you gained on androsol a while back? I remember reading all those posts. I’d also like the workout program you used then too because I wanted to do the same thing. Also, how does one find out their insulin sensitivity?

Steve F., read the Massive Eating articles by John Berardi. Issues 146 & 147 I think… somewheres around there.

Hi GreasyGreek, I doN’t wil use Andro again, it’s too much expensive for me hehe. I think that I will go on a P30-C40-F30 diet. I think with a very good diet like i’m now planning, I will have more bests results(Less fat gain & more muscle gain). Thank for your answer man !
Have a nice day !

Steve F: I loosed between 14-18 pound in the Fat fast diet. I wil have the all the result with body fat today. The pic will come the next week. I just estimate my insuline sensibility…

Thank’x for your answer, I will give you detail of all my bulking diet around 20january,
For the moment I read all the good article on T-mag and I buy my stuff. !

See ya !


Maybe its just me, but I have never seen the point of going over 1.5g/lbs. I have never seen any better gains over that amount. I have found best results (when bulking) for my self on a diet with most calories coming from fat. P-C-F around 20%-30%-50%. It is when I eat like this that I can put on an average of 0.5lb of muscle per week. Of course I put on about 0.5lb of fat too, but oh well, cardio can take care of that later.

Then again, whatever works for you, do it! :slight_smile:

All my result is at http://bypo.freecyberzone.com/index.htm
I will have the pics(before during ans after) the next week !

Hi Tall, I think that your idea lok good. I think about P30-C30-F40 (3500-4000cal /day)

Have a nice day.
I will do a post on the board when I will receive my pics.!

Bypo-I just took a look at your website. Not to be too blunt, but what the hell were you thinking? You’ve been busting your butt for a few years to pack on quality mass, and then go on a diet and lose 10 lbs. of lean body mass and only 8 pounds of fat! The fat fast diet was designed to help you maintain as much lean mass a possible, so you must have done something wrong. Perhaps it was not including Androsol? Either way, I would seriously consider what your priorities are. In other words, is looking good for the women on a short trip to Miami worth throwing all your gains from years of work down the crapper? Most guys would kill to pack on 10 lbs. of lean mass in over a year of training, and you lost it practically overnight. Anytime that you use an extreme diet like Fat Fast, it’s important to make sure that you follow it exactly. Oh well, to each their own. Good luck.

Byp0, you achieved great results. You are young, obviously have great metabolic rate and IS, endogenous T-levels too. Do not take it too far with nutrition, eat 4000 kCal, eat 1.5-2 g/lb protein, eat more than 100 g fat coming mostly from flax and various nuts and fill the rest with complex carbs except postworkout. As simple as that. Eric, I do not think he lost that much lbm. After all I am not conviced byp0’s stats are correct. 5-6 % bf is VERY low and I think these numbers are very approximative. He is probably at much higher bf levels now and he started dieting at much higher bf levels than he thought he is at. Anyway, just to let you know, am I one of those sluggish thyroid, low testosterone, shitty IS ex fat fuck bastards with bags of loose skin trying to improve my situation. I did 6 week natural no_androgens_added bulking cycle using the same macronutrient breakdown as you @3900 kCal and gained 8.8 lbs. Right now I am in the middle of 3-week dieting cycle doing 50/30/20 p/f/c @2000 kCal and I think I will lose around 9 lbs that should leave me at more favourable bf levels than before I started bulking. I found out that alternating short bulking and leaning cycles is the only way to go for me.

Did you look at the website? Why in the world would anyone want to lose more lean body mass than fat mass during a cutting cycle? If these were ideal results, 50% bodyfat would be considered fantastic. The whole purpose of dieting is to maintain as much lean mass as possible while shedding bodyfat, not losing roughly the same amount of each.

Eric, my man… let’s presume I had 12 kgs of fat at the beginning of bulking and gained 4 kgs 2 of which is fat, which leaves me at 14 kgs of total bodyfat. If I lose 4 kgs of fat when I cut down, i will have 2 kgs of fat less and 2 kgs of muscle more than when I started dieting. I hope my rationale is clear. :slight_smile:

Hi Eric, I know I lost a lot of LBM…
I’ve done 3 errors.
The first is that I gone from ~3000cal to 1400Cal without decreasing gradually.
The second is the type of protein that I used.
I should use Casein protein before sleeping and not Whey.
The third is to not using Androsol for the 4 weeks. But androsol is expensive and my testosterone is already high.

But for the 10 pound losed, I think that will be really easy gain with my bulking cycle.It’s not a problem for me…

…and remember that the 10 pounds of LBM isn’t 100% pure muscle. Water and muscle glycogen weight would have been a decent chunk of that 10 pounds given he was at a relatively high calorie level before dropping so dramatically to a low calorie keto diet. Good work byp0.

Byp0, 1400 kCal is not a diet, it is a starvation. Don’t do it anymore. Another thing, there is no reason to gain muscle just to lose muscle. Never go below 10xbw in lbs during dieting, if the fat loss stops, do something else, change macronutrient breakdown, add a bit of cardio or up the calories toward maintenance for a week and most important of all, HAVE PATIENCE. When my fat loss stopped after 2,5 months, I upped the count for 200 kCal coming mostly from carbs and in 6 weeks lost additional 14-15 lbs… go figure.