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Need Help With Macronutrient Profile

Thanx to all you’ve been very helpful.

 Well I followed the advice some offered and I checked out version 2 of the t-dawg and I am going to make the transition from the original diet to the newer one. But, before I do so I need your help. The new version calls for a dieter's total protein consumption equal 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight for me this would be 231g, 154lbs x 1.5gp. Due to the 100g consumption of carbs on workout days my daily fat intake would only be 54g. On non-workout days my carb intake would decrease to 70g and the fat intake would rise to 67g. Seeing these numbers, curiosity has overtaken me. The amount of fat intake seems to be too low. 
 I reread previous posts and noticed most of you guys said 1g per pound of body weight should make up my daily protein consumption. Figuring the macronutrient profile with this condition my calculations have been: 

154gp,100gc, 88gf (workout days)
154gp, 70gc,101gf (non-workout days)

The total fat intake still seems a bit low to me, but that is why I’m asking for help, to correct any incorrect ideas I have.
Total calories were found by multiplying my body weight 154lbs by 15 and then subtracting from the total,2310cal, 500cal, resulting to 1810cal.

What do you suggest I do?

As always thank you in advance.