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Need Help With Lop Sided Arms

Hey, I been working out on and off for the past year… started out again in September… and I have notice some great results so far, but I also notice that one arm seems to developing better then the other. Any suggestion on fixing this problem?

Use dumbells. This makes both arms do the same amount of work.

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Unilateral movements using dumbells.

Thanks for the tips, I was wondering would doind more reps on the one side work too?

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Rather than doing more reps, do an extra set on the weaker side.

haha i noticed the same thing. Time to “whack it” with the other arm to even things out.

I would say stick to the idea of using DBs heavy enough for your strong arm. Rather than doing more sets with the weeker arm, cuz you really dont know how many more sets/reps you need to do. That way the weeker one will be forced to catch up.

or as noted above, seitch it up outside of the gym.

I have the same problem, although, my arms are lopsided they are starting to even out,

Try this: on a curling bar or what have you, take the weight you normaly curl ten times on the bar add 5% more wieght to the week arm side, do this once a week, your arms should start to even out, it may or may not work for you, but its working for me, remember once a week, then every thing else as normal.