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Need Help With Leg Drive


So when I train axle I usually use a split-jerk technique. My current max on Axle Press is 185lbs and once I get to anything above 155lbs my leg drive is reduced to almost nothing. I can usually mentally hype myself up and get one good drive but the fatigue is real bad. What can I do to increase my leg drive. Also leg drive conditioning is terrible around 4-5 Reps at 80% of my 1RM my legs start to shit themselves and try to die. Anything that helps with these two issues?


Post a video. I think that is the best first step.


I dunno. Quarter front squats?


Probably not going to do much for him.

OP, you either have terrible general conditioning or you are not conditioned for the clean.

I would:

Walk, 20 minutes per day
Prowler, 1-2 times per week

If the issue is general conditioning:
Another prowler or keg session

If its press specific:
Clean and press - work up to a set of 5 at 70-75% then amrap that for 60s with that weight (you can press away if you think the clean is fine but the clean often is what gasses people)
Throws - pick up a med/slam ball from the ground to your chest and then throw from your chest, 8x2 (start of one of your upper body sessions)


If you aren’t doing them already, I’d highly recommend incorporating front squats into your routine.

How is your rack position? Is the bar truly resting on you front delta/upper chest or is it in your hands? You won’t get maximum leg drive unless it is in most circumstances. The solution for this is again, front squats (the clean grip variety of course)


I do clean grip front squats every week and I have a pretty flexible rack position


I think it might be the clean that gets me because I can rep out my overhead from the rack for plenty of reps, what can I do to get better conditioning for my cleans?


EMOM sets are a great tool for conditioning the clean and press. Throw in “Grace” 30 reps clean and press with 60 kg (other weight choice possible) for fastest time once in a while.


I was looking into EMOM sets for clean and presses, I’ll have to give “Grace” a try some time