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Need Help with Lagging Delts

I’ve been doing weighted one-arm handstand pushups to bring out my deltoids. Typically I do one set of 40, 3 times a day. My delts still seem to be lagging though. My rear delts are popping, but my medial delts kind of suck.

I was wondering if maybe I’d get better results if I did 2 sets of 20 instead? Or maybe 4 sets of 10, but with higher weights? What about burns? I read in a google search that burns can help bring up lagging muscles.

Secondly, should I be taking creatine? I hear it works good, but I don’t want people to accuse me of taking steroids. All the kids would make fun of me. I don’t want that. Maybe I can sneak it in though.

Thirdly, my diet. I think maybe all the diet soda could be holding my delts back. What do you think?

Oh. One last thing.

How do I keep the weight plates from hitting me in the face?

I use a belt and hang the plates from it. I never had a problem with pullups, but I can’t seem to do one-arm weighted handstands without getting smacked around a bit.

Thanks in advance everyone.

Look up John Meadows, do heavy partial lateral swings making sure the tension is kept on the mid delts for 35 reps or so. Are you avoiding dumbbells? if so use them.

[quote]LoRez wrote:
weighted one-arm handstand pushups Typically I do one set of 40, 3 times a day.
Vids of this please.

And at least be original when trolling

I don’t really know what to say about one handed handstand pushups… Why are you doing them for delt size? Firstly, I’d like a video of you doing them. Secondly, stop doing them and start doing stuff by John Meadows. High rep partials and swings are what he advocates for lateral raises and many see great results from them.

Make sure you point your toes straight up otherwise your medial delts won’t get stimulated.

not srs.


I hope this isn’t a troll thread for the lulz as it’s not necessary and really not original.

Based on your other posts I will assume you are serious.

Stop doing weighted one arm push ups for delt development. They are not a BB exercise and are dumb. If you want to do all the pseudo Russian secret agent exercises while wearing full camo gear that’s fine but this is the wrong forum to ask about it.

If you have access use a lateral raise machine if you want side delts. Range from 10-30+ reps and multiple sets. Vary weight depending on rep range. Use quite high frequency. Same with side delts on a reverse pec deck.

If you have neither, use DBs, or use them even if you do to mix things up.

Do seated DB presses too.

Hope that helps.

jesus, what the fuck is going on here?

Duct tape will fix the weight plate issue.

Apologies for not being original enough… I was trying to poke fun, rather than troll. It needed to be somewhat obvious. Look at it as a reading comprehension test.

I saw this last night:

[quote]BrickHead wrote:
What do you like better: 1) lifting and talking about sound lifting pracices or 2) mentally masturbating and inquiring about the most obsure, BIZARRE stuff?[/quote]

I too, would like to see a video of someone getting smacked around by some 45s, simply for trying to do weighted one-armed handstand pushups for delt size.