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Need Help with Lab Results!

So I’m new to the forums and need some advice. I’ve been on TRT for about a year now. I feel better than I did pre TRT but not great. Still feeling lethargic and have absolutely no sex drive. Lastly, no matter how hard I diet or count my macros…I can not lose fat.

My current protocol:

Test cyp: 50mg every 3 days
HCG (pharm): 250iu every 3 days
Arimidex(pharm): .25mg EOD

Can someone look over my labs and see what’s wrong with this protocol and what I may need to change to start feeling better?

Attached is my most recent labs

DHT is surprisingly low for your T levels. Are you on Propecia? T and E levels are good. Keep an eye on hematocrit, it’s creeping up and you may need to donate blood. Not sure why your libido would be low other than low DHT.

No I am not propecia. My DHT has always been on the low end ever since I started DHT. Would maybe increasing my T or HCG dose raise DHT? I think that could be the main culprit for my sex drive.

More T may take hematocrit too high.

E2 target is E2=22pg/ml

Increase Arimidex by a factor of 30/22
Judge results in 6-10 days.
If you increase T, you will need to increase Arimidex/anastrozole by the same factor.

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