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Need Help with Knees

When I flex my knee everything seems fine, but then when I un-flex the knee I feel a crack, hear a crack, or feel something similar to a crack. The same crack occurs in the last portion of a knee extension (aka; flexing the quads). I’m feeling these “cracks” on my Quadriceps tendon.

It’s not like a knuckle crack. It’s the type of crack where it feels like something is going over something. Therefore, these cracks always occur no matter how many times I “un-flex” or “fully extend”.

There’s no pain, but I fear that this may advance into something worse than harmless cracks.

P.S. - it’s hard to tell, but I feel like it began around the same time I squatted much more often and began to break in my new Oly lift shoes (1-2months ago) (I have a coach who’s teaching me the lifts very gradually so I’m not doing anything retarded). But I feel that by now my knees should have gotten used to the shoes.

Any similar experiences, suggestions or input??? thanks