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Need Help with Injections

I often read the T-Nation articles but never visit the forums.
This is a hair related issue involving injecting minoxidil sulphate into the scalp. minox sulphate comes as a powder.
My plan is to mix it in bacteriostatic water and inject. My question is how do I ensure sterility? Should I use some sort of alcohol along with the water? If I use 1cc of fluid for the areas of the scalp I plan to inject, what percentages would you recommend? Thanks.

bacteriostatic water is sterile. That’s kinda the point. As long as you’re swabbing the vial and using sterile needles you’ll be fine.

injecting into your scalp does not sound like fun

Vinny I will have to say your posts are all entertaining. I don’t know what else to say.

Minoxidil comes as a injection?? since when or are u trolling?
I use it (its comes pre mixed in liquid form and you just drop a few drops to the affected area, no injection…)