Need Help with Indigo-3G Plan

I recently got my first shipment of Indigo-3G and have been trying to plan my meals in a way that allows for maximum effect.

How many carbs should I get a day? And at what times?
Right now, I am taking Indigo-3G at 630 (before breakfast), 1215 (before lunch), and 400 (before workout).

Need to gain about 1-2 lbs per month for the next year.


You’re taking Indigo-3G and following a low carb diet.

Post this in the Live spill and let them tell you what you’re doing wrong.

Ya, no worries, I got it figured out… There we go, changed the questions

Da hell man You have a whole part of T-Nation dedicated to helping you. Why are you here?

Couple things dose 2 and 3 are too close together. Eat carbs after everytime you have Indigo-3G. Have lots of carbs around your workout. Start with 300 or so and bump up from there every week or so until you see spill over. Then back off a bit. Adjust as needed after that

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