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Need Help with IGF-1 Side Effects

So I had problems gaining muscle for certain reasons so I had looked into igf-1 read about the harmful side affects I’m aware of everything about it the supplement. My intentions were just use it for a boost im experienced in weightlifting so I know some things. It worked for a few weeks until but lately I’ve been getting a few slight symptoms and it took a turn for the worst I’ve been angry for the past few days and with lots of anxiety and mild depression than the main thing i cant calm down I feel on go and im worried slightly yesterday was my last day taking the supplement I went to the hospital to check my blood pressure and it was fine but I haven’t slep barley in 2 days… and today is the first day without it I still feel wired and on edge I just want to go away i know I shouldn’t have taken it I just want this to end i feel like my mental health is change a little bit because I’m still feeling in my system :weary: plz help what can I do to help this??

Seek immediate medical attention and be honest with them about your drug use so they can administer proper care.

No because I’m not getting in trouble for taking IGF 1 idk what do but hoping it wears off

I’m not sure if they can get you in trouble for it but the doc was asking me questions I already told him about igf they checked my blood pressure it was normal but I left before they could do a test

I do not agree with your priorities but support your autonomy to make this decision. I wish you the best.

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I think Doctor-patient confidentiality applies even with the use of illegal drugs.

Not for insurance purposes it doesn’t.

Did you take injectable IGF-1 or some pill that said it was IGF-1? I never got this kind of reaction from using the injections, but I guess we’re all different.

If you want the best care you can get, be honest with your dr (to a point, just say you took some weird gym supplement your fiend gave you) and don’t leave before they can run any actual test

Of course it doesn’t there’s too much money on the line :roll_eyes:

I didn’t know that but I am not surprised. Health insurance is a greedy industry

Which industries are not greedy?

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What did you originally take OP? You don’t supplement with IGF-1 you supplement with HGH. IGF-1 is produced through conversion of HGH.

He probably used that bullshit IGF-1 LR3 knock off that’s circulating out there. Never mind that the real stuff is hilariously unaffordable and even if you could afford it you couldn’t find it because it’s tightly controlled.

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Yeah I figured as much, but curious nonetheless.

Great point, but health industry is on another level.

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Eh, anything run by humans is awful.



What about… hmmm… ehhh… nonprofit charities like the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation?

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Haha, thanks for the laugh this morning

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