Need Help with Ideas for Training After Surgery

I’m new to the forums on here. I have a total fusion on my left wrist from an injury in 2008. Next week, the plate is being removed. To make that happen, they have to cut away bone and once the plate is out, I’ll have 9 empty screw holes. I’ve been told my left forearm and wrist will be fragile as glass for up to 6 months post surgery.

I’m already planning on leg days twice a week, but if anyone has any helpful tips regarding upper body that requires little to no stress on a wrist, if greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!!

Possibly ultra light band work for 50-100 rep sets or just totally leave resistance work alone and try swimming etc

If that were my wrist, I would be extremely cautious about putting any kind of stress on it. If at all possible, I’d talk to a good physical therapist or your surgeon and clarify exactly how much load and what type of motions the wrist can tolerate until the holes heal up.

I’ve read in one of his books that when Dan John had an unusable wrist, he just trained with the other hand. Train what’s trainable. I obviously haven’t seen this done myself, it’s something I skipped past, but it might be something to look at it more detail.

Thanks guys. They’re fitting me with a ridiculous orthopedic cast to help protect from impact. I can do some pulling but no load pushing. I feel like the bands are a good idea.