Need Help with HCG and Anastrozole

So I have been paying out of pocket to get the treatment I need. Its quite expensive at 265 a month. I Finally was able to get an endo to give me a script for Test but she wont give me HCG or Anastrozole. It only costs me 10 dollars for 3 months of test. Hard to beat that.

I have been taking 100mg with 500iu of hcg and 1/4 tab of anastrozole twice per week.

I am on my first week of getting rid of hcg and anastrozole and I am already getting testicular atrophy.

I guess my question is where can I get HCG and anastrole? Or am I ok without it? My old clinic wont help me because i’m not buying the test from them anymore. Its all about that money.

You don’t need it. At least to start. You can add HCG later if trying to have a child (I don’t recommend that either)

Seriously though. Drop the AI immediately. Try testosterone only and make sure your dose is >100mg/week.

I disagree. The HCG is a great addition. And I also do .25 AI weekly, 60mg TC every 3.5 days. I add 375iu hcg M-W-F. And, I’m 59, don’t work out and need to lose 15 lbs, plus smoke and drink more than I should. See the results below.

Care to elaborate on how it’s been a great addition? How did you feel on testosterone only compared to the addition of HCG and AI?

The HCG is increasing activity in the boys, which grows them and produce some test. The combo works for me. Recommend what ever you want for everyone else. I don’t care.

Anastrozole is poison. Avoid it at all costs.

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Don’t take me the wrong way. I was genuinely curious. Some guys do better with HCG. I just wanted to know if you also tried test by itself and could explain how the HCG helped you beyond test only.

I haven’t tried it myself. But I always recommend someone starting a TRT protocol starts with one drug at a time so they can tell exactly how they react to each drug in their protocol.

Yes. Did only TC 100mg weekly for 7 mo, Not bad. I the did add hcg and better. Balls grew back, a bit more test naturally produced. Balls feel “glowing” at times. I like it. Numbers are decent. The combo works real well for me.

I did start 1 at a time, first the TC 100mg weekly. Then the AI, but didn’t take it for 3 mo. Then 7mo latter added a little hcg. And increased the TC to 60Mg every 3.5 days. I’d kill the HCG and increase the TC but seeing the boys go away is a mind breaker for me. And the hcg adds a bit of natural test. For me it works.


I do the AI- minimal. I do some hcg. Everything’s working well for me. Just my input. Do as you will.

@tony6 wrote:

But it will work OPTIMALLY without anastrozole. And no long term side effects from it. Would you rather have what you think is working well, or what’s optimal and the best for your long term health?

You are, except if you are actively attempting to conceive or concerned with testicular atrophy, a normal consequence of using exogenous testosterone.

In men, hCG is produced in very small amounts, and it is often undetectable. Some do not respond well to hCG, while others report using it long term without apparent issues.

As for aromatase inhibitors, you’ll find plenty of pro and con discussion regarding them on tnation. Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone which, with TRT, is being restored to what were presumably healthy levels we had as younger men. I realize some guys never had healthy levels of test. Anastrozole is a man made chemical not naturally occurring in the body. As such, it seems reasonable it should be avoided, if possible, and if used at all, should be used sparingly.

Yes, but add the hcg and the e2 issue gets more complicated. You have more long term health issues from breathing car exhaust in your average city.

If you want to pretend anastrozole isn’t going to harm you, even at trt doses long term, go ahead.

You’re letting the radicals stir you up. You are exposed to more dangerous stuff in every day life than a tiny dose of AI.

Yes, it does. HCG stimulates production in the testes, which enables aromatization there as well. The AI does not get to that area, as there is a blood barrier like the blood/brain barrier that prevents it. So you are in effect hampering aromatisation everywhere else, but not where the HCG is stimulating production. E2 does not travel particularly well in your system, so your body has the enzyme everywhere to allow you to make it where you need it and when. So, you are hampering production of E2 in most of the body, body directly stimulating it in the testes unchecked at the same time.
I’m not telling you not to use the AI. That’s up to you, nd I don’t believe that “No one” needs it. But it’s best to consider in as much detail as possible what you are actually doing with any drug.

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Thank you for a good post. i appreciate the information. All i notice with the hcg is my testicles feel full and better. Without it they are tight and sometimes hurt a bit

Can you provide more information to back this? Not trying to start a fight. I just want to know as much as i can. Why are you so anti anastrozole?

I appreciate the feedback. So standard protocol is to just lower the test if estrogen is too high. Is there anything else you can do ?