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Need help with grocery list/menu

Ok… here’s the deal. I’m 23, have been lifting since I was about 16 or so. I’m always mixing it up and still making progress, which I’m very happy about. I currently weight about 165, which is the most I have weighed in my life. I would guess my BF is around 14-16%.

What I want to do is set myself up with a diet… and I want to make it as simple as possible for myself. My goals are basically to lose a little fat while hopefully still being able to keep my strength where it is or keep improving it. What I really need is first… 1) suggestions on how to pick the right diet for me and 2) some elaboration of some of the things I should be eating. I would like to be able to have meals and everything planned out in advance… kind of the way everyone writes out all these different workouts. I always see complete workouts listed (like 3 sets of this for x reps, and so on) but I can’t find anything like this for a good diet plan. I would like to see how some other people do it so I can get some ideas. Am I making a reasonable request?

I look at this a a fairly long term goal (next few months or longer). Thanks for any and all help!

go to the faq page - there’s a link off the t-mag home. a little ways down are links to a few good articles about this. read them - foods that make you look good nekkid, the missing ingredient, t-dawg diet, etc. also read berardi, ad nauseum.
in terms of what you should eat, i think you and i and everyone else over ten know what we should or should not put in our mouths. there’s no secret formula, aside from berardi’s massive eating/don’t diet protocol, which isn’t exactly a magic formula.
basically, don’t eat shit. you know, pop tarts, french fries. this is not news. if you truly are patient, just eat clean and let your body run it’s course. best of luck.

Shiner’s right. I think the first thing to read is “Food that Makes You Look Good Nekkid” or something like that in T-Mag issue 172.

I would try something like the Don’t diet approach. As with any diet, the formula to figure out how many calories to eat is very individual. In other words you might have to adjust the calories down or up depending on your metabolism. As for having the diet planned out, just make up your diet and eat the same thing every day. He also has some sample meals. It takes a lot of adding and figuring out so just be patient with it.