Need Help With GPP

I severely need help with setting up my GPP schedule. This summer i didn’t have to worry about GPP because i had a job that provided great GPP. I worked at a lumber yard and had to lift 80 lb bags of concrete and lumber all day. Right now i’m working out 3 days a week doing full body workouts. Today i tried to do kettlebell circuits(with a dumbbell) for GPP on my off day, but it totally fried my lower back, it might be ok tomorrow but right now it doesn’t seem like a smart idea to do these on my off day. They really got me breathing hard, but i dunno if my lower back can handle it. All i have access to for GPP on my off days is 2, 35 lb dumbbells, a disk to do christians shoulder glider on, and thats about it. I lift sunday, tuesday, thursday and would like to do GPP on monday and wednesday.

2 dumbbells…

Burpee to D-Bell Swing to over head squat back then repeat.

2minutes work 1min rest.

Call me after u puke.

Good idea Xen Nova, another draining exersises along the same lines are burpee cleans w/ dumbells.

Pushup–>Front Squat(weights on shoulders)–>Press

Why not CT’s Running Man twice a week? Or CW’s GPP ASAP program 2-3 times a week?

Do you have access to a car? Find a flat parking lot and push away. Get your lifting partner to switch off driving/pushing with you so you don’t hit anything.

I don’t know what time you workout typically but High Schools are usually a good bet as they really clear out between 2:30 and 3:00 PM. Good luck.

RIT Jared


Find a sturdy step about 14" high grab those two dumbbells of yours and do some step-ups. Try sets of 50 with a :60 rest in between. If this is easy just add more reps.

Good Luck