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Need Help with GN Stroganof


Whenever I make the beef stroganof from gourmet nutrition the sauce is very thin. The taste is excellent but it doesn't have the right consistancy. My mom wants to use sour cream instead of yogurt. Both of my parents have made the dish so I assume that they both missed the same thing or that this is how the dish is. Any suggestions?


I use more cheese than recommended. I usually use fat-free mozarella and use a full cup instead of the half cup. I've noticed that it helps thicken it up nicely during those last few minutes.

Sometimes, I also use a little more yogurt. Be sure to only use a half cup of the beef bouillion as well. The times where I added more (because I used more meat and mushrooms), it came out too thin.


You can also remove some of the liquid from the yogurt prior to making the dish. You will need at least 4 hours but, all day works best.

fold a large sheet of cheese cloth into quarters and put it in a fine strainer, empty the yogurt into the center and bring the edges of the cloth up and twist them firmly. Put a small pot or any other heavy object on top. set over a large bowl and refrigerate.
After a few hours the whey will run out of the yogurt and it will have a much thicker consistency.

Hope this helps.


Use greek yoghurt instead of regular. Greek yoghurt (even lowfat) is almost as thick as cream cheese and will thicken up the sauce nicely.


You can also just let it sit over night (or longer). I use a coffee filter for this and it works great.

Really good suggestiong, BTW.


Thanks for the suggestions I'll try the straining and cutting back on the beef stock a bit next time I make it. I'll keep my eye out for that greek yogurt too.


Hadn't thought of that! Perfect! :slight_smile: