Need Help with getting my wife to eat protein.

I’m running out of ideas so I need some help. My wife enjoys training (both lifting and some cardio) but struggles with her diet more than anything else. I need some creative ideas to get some protein in her diet beyond shakes and bars. These also need to be simple solutions if possible. I don’t want to cook grilled rosemary chicken stuffed with sundried tomatoes or something like that every night, although its ok once in a while. I need some creative ideas to incorporate eggs, tuna, chicken, turkey, cottage cheese, and others especially for at work meals. She won’t eat beef, pork, buffalo or similar meat.

Oh, goodness. I can’t reply to this without being really, really dirty. Sorry.

Okay, the easiest one for me is to add tuna to spagetti sauce. I can usually eat a tin of tuna and not even notice it in the spagetti.

Make her eggs in the morning. No one can resist a free meal.

How about some of those ostrich sticks they sell. It sounds odd, but in my experience, a lot of women like to eat differently just to seem unique (same reason many people insist on tofu and soy milk). Yogurt isn’t bad if carb intake and lactose intolerance aren’t issues. Fat free cheese melted on top of salads, or just any kind of chef salad with deli meats and hard boiled eggs.

Buy a bunch of boneless chicken or turkey breasts and through them in a roasting pan withq cup of white wine, a can chicken stock, juice of one lemon ,thyme, bayleaf, salt and pepper. You may need more chicken stock depending on how many breats, you need enough to almost cover the meat, water would work but stock is better .Cover with foil and throw it in the oven at 350 for about 20-30 minutes till they are cooked through. Throw it all in the fridge and you have meat for sandwiches, pastas or salads for a week.

Thanks for the ideas so far. Just bumping this back up to see if there are any other creative ideas.