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Need Help with First Cycle PCT


I’m about to go on my first cycle and I need help with PCT. I can’t find solid information online.

I plan on taking
500mg test e Week 1-10
Dbol 30mg a day Week 1-4

My pct will start 2 weeks after the last pin, I just need advice on what to take.

How long should I do PCT for? 2/4 weeks?

Do I need both clomid and nolvadex? How much of each per day?

Do I need to take hcg on cycle? How much and what weeks?

Do I need adex or can I go without it if I use both clomid and nolva?

Any input is appreciated!


Congratulations your the 100th person this month to ask the exact same question.

You didn’t give any stats about yourself. This would help everyone guide you in the right direction.

Years training?
Max lifts?
Cycle history?

Please answer these 6 simple questions for your answer


Use the search function


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